Getting from A to B just got a whole lot more fun..

LecDec has produced a innovative way to travel and have fun in the process with an electric longboard thats far more than just a toy. With an impressive cruise range of up to 18 miles and a top speed of nearly 18 mph, the LecDec offers a very real way to get around fast.

  • I Thomas,

    Utterly Brilliant! I'm a 1970's old school skater of 54 who's never lost the love of carving on a skateboard. Saves a lot of money to buy this deck rather than spend twice as much on one of the more established electric boards.

  • Ben Simpson,

    The LecDec board is a totally new experience unlike anything else I've ever ridden. It just feels like your floating along and you forget how!

  • Brian Page,

    I love longboarding but as soon as I hit a slight hill, I sighed and picked up the board - no more! The LecDec is fantastic fun and I have carved UP HILL with some strange looks from people watching!

  • Holly Rowdon,

    I had a go on the board without ever having skateboarded before and loved it. It only took me about 20 minutes to get confident enough to ride pretty fast and it was like nothing I've experienced before.

  • S Duncan,

    Hill climbing ability and brake power downhill was impressive. I was a bit concerned what the actual ride would be like, not the electric part, just the feel. I was not disappointed at all, trucks feel great, board is nice and stiff and the big wheel are good. All in all a happy chappy!

  • N Gilmour,

    Brakes take a while to get used to but its awesome, had my GPS speedo on and got to 17 mph. Feels really quick when you are on it and you get some funny looks to. Well worth the wait :-)!

  • M Abdul,

    Thank you LecDec! My board rides so smoothly, the wait was defo worth it. Braking is so on point and acceleration is smooth. So fun to ride and I don't think there are any negatives - the best value board out there HAPPY CUSTOMER.

  • M Alexander,

    Went up and down my road for first time today, a bit scary and intimidating at first but with in about a minute started loving it. What a brilliant bit of kit! Totally in disguise too – it just looks like your on a skateboard to any on lookers especially if you throw in the odd pretend scoot.. And it ain’t slow either, it’s quick enough to give you a scare … But it’s just as fun pootling along at 5 miles an hour too.. Awesome!!!!

  • L Crawfurd,

    It's finally stopped raining and just made my first LecDec commute to work - faster than a bike or the tube!

  • G Tew,

    I was lucky enough to try one of these boards today and was really impressed. I was keen to see how fast it would go with me on it. I weigh over 14st and am 6ft 3. I was pleased to find out it went quick enough - It actually went faster than I expected. The breaks are great and the cruise control feature is amazing. My order is in and hope to pick my board up at the end of the month!

Affordable Electric Longboard with an impressive feature list

LecDec has made the most of the rapid advances in battery and electronic motor technology to produce a fine board with the ability to make long range commuting a breeze.



The LecDec will hit speeds of up to 18 mph and also has adjustable cruise control! It will also take you up inclines of up to 20% so be prepared from some strange looks from passers by.


Yes it even has brakes, better still, they are regenerative like a racing car so they help recharge the battery.


Charging takes just 2 – 3 hours and you can travel up to 18 miles on a full charge depending on rider weight, surface and inclines.


The board weighs and impressive 13.2 lbs and is easy to pick up and carry when needed to go on public transport or put in the car.


The board is 36 inches long and is made of high quality Canadian 9 ply Maple with Aluminium Oxide griptape, alloy trucks and smooth 78a, 80 wheels for a comfortable ride.


The controller charges in just 60 minutes via a USB and fits comfortably in the hand. To go faster simply push forward on the thumb stick and pull back to brake. There’s no wires and its linked to your board by radio.

Buy Your Own LecDec Board

Ordering a LecDec board is simple as it can be bought securely online or over the phone if you prefer. Current delivery times are around 30 days for UK/European Orders.

Order Your LecDec

Now: $649

  • LecDec Board
  • Wireless Controller
  • USB Charging Lead
  • Power Adaptor
  • Truck Tool
  • Instruction Manual


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